SME Cleveland Sales Event

SME Cleveland SalesCON

Date: May 9th, 2017

Join us at the 1st Annual SME Cleveland SalesCON sponsored by Ultimate Air Shuttle! An event which will:

Inspire CONfidence.
Grow your CONnections.
Reach and CONvert your prospects to customers.

SME Clevleand SalesCON will take place Tuesday, May 9th at the Metropolitan at the 9.
8:00a.m. to 4:15p.m.
Free valet parking

SME Cleveland members $80 nonmembers $125

Sponsored by Ultimate Air Shuttle


Hal Becker
Hal Becker, Inc.

Power Selling!

Power selling is the most highly charged comprehensive type of training your sales people will ever have. They will learn that to be the best takes an easy-to-follow system. Hal uses his own experience as Xerox's #1 salesperson, along with a 10-step common sense, back-to-basics approach to give them the tools they need to succeed. He has trained hundreds of thousands of salespeople on his "insiders" look at how to achieve sales success.
  • What makes a top salesperson and what you must do to be a Pro Salesperson
  • What qualities the best salespeople and why
  • Why most salespeople fail or do not make quota
  • How to get the appointment with common sense
  • The 3 steps of the sale and why you do not need to close
  • Why silence is your best weapon!
  • The 4 major events that causes most salespeople to fail: making quota means you just hit average
  • Questions control the sale...period...and using "The Questioner"
  • The 7-9 minute "perfect" sales call
  • Why you must have a "magic question"
  • The 4-1 ratio of prospects to sales
  • Prospecting: Cold Calling/Using the phone/Emails, (having fun-using technology)
  • Trial close and don't worry about closing the customer
  • The opposite of Referral Selling

Marvin Montgomery
The Sales Doctor

Reaffirming Customer Relationships: Once your customer says yes, they immediately begin second guessing their decision. It’s imperative that you have something in place to prevent the customer from rescinding their order. This talk will focus on four crucial areas that will prevent buyer’s remorse after the customer says yes.

Now You Can Get Marvinized Everyday Online! or 216-509-0281

Nick Borelli
Borelli Strategies

Social Media Personal Branding Tips for Sales Professionals

Everyone on your team is part of the marketing team regardless of your position because of social media. How do you stand out in an increasingly busy online world in order to be positioned as experts and resources to your current and future clients? Nick will tell you where you need to be online and how to make simple changes to your web presence that will make you more approachable and more likely to close inbound leads.

Rick McDermott
Sandler Training

Go for the 'NO' to Get Results

'Go for the No' is one of the most powerful selling strategies that business professionals could have in their tool box. What does 'Go for the No' really mean and why will it change the way you sell today? Leveraging the power of ‘no’ during your sales calls will put you back in control of the selling process, help uncover hidden pain, shorten the selling cycle, and allow you to have more fun while closing more business. Join Rick McDermott from Sandler Training as he shares his unique story to uncover the concepts and techniques behind this core Sandler selling strategy.

SME Cleveland members $80, Nonmembers $125