Cleveland Lead Exchange Groups

If you want to broaden your perspective on getting more leads; if you are dead serious on learning about someone’s business so that you might give them a lead to perhaps get a lead; if you are committed for one hour every other week to meet with like-minded individuals who want to grow their business and yours…. we encourage you to attend one of the SME Cleveland networking groups.

When networking is successful it’s a little like chemistry, art and passion coming together for everyone to benefit. It’s the 30-second elevator speech, perfecting professional development, handing out business cards, sharing success stories and frustrations or sitting around a table with a timer to hop from one person to another. Our Business Connections groups have all of this and more!

What makes SME Lead Exchange Groups Different?

What’s different about SME Business Connections is that there is a passion to share information, really get to know your fellow colleagues and brainstorm how you can help one another build positive—and lucrative—relationships.

There are no timers or buzzers going off to limit someone’s feedback, yet everyone knows that this isn’t a coffee klatch, but an hour of your time that could be a critical introduction to the next big project that will make your quarter or even your year!

Why Join a Lead Exchange Group?

We offer three Business Connection groups — Downtown, Westside and Independence which meet every other week. We’re always looking for more dynamic and energetic members that share our vision and enthusiasm.

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