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SME Cleveland SalesCON

Date: May 8th, 2018


Join us at the 2nd Annual SME Cleveland SalesCON! An event which will:

Inspire CONfidence.
Grow your CONnections.
Reach and CONvert your prospects to customers.


SME Clevleand SalesCON will take place Tuesday, May 8th at the Metropolitan at the 9.
8:00a.m. to 4:15p.m.
Free valet parking


SME Cleveland members $80 nonmembers $130




Craig Lucas


The Case for Professional & Personal Excellence

Through the candid sharing of career & personal experiences, Craig Lucas will address the following through his presentation:
  • Defining what excellence is
  • Introducing the necessary requirements to successfully achieve
  • Importance of maintaining, sustaining this standard over time to maximize benefit
  • How it ties into professional and personal wellbeing
  • The role your personal brand plays in achieving distinction
  • The Art of Elevating Relationships to a transcendent level
  • Harnessing the power of candor, transparency and vulnerability
  • Developing your storyline in a manner that matters
  • Showcasing visual examples of “what this is” to reinforce the shared content

Hal Becker

Hal Becker, Inc.

Dynamic Common Sense Selling:
What Makes A Top Salesperson

“I can show you what to do and how to do it; the only catch is you must be willing to implement!”

Power selling is the most highly charged comprehensive type of training your sales people will ever have. They will learn that to be the best takes an easy-tofollow system. Hal uses his own experience as Xerox’s #1 salesperson, along with a 10-step common sense, back-to-basics approach to give them the tools they need to succeed. He has trained hundreds of thousands of salespeople on his “insiders” look at how to achieve sales success.
  • The 3 steps of the sale and why you do not need to close
  • Why silence is your best weapon!
  • The 4 major events that causes most salespeople to fail: making quota means you just hit average
  • Questions control the sale…period…and using “The Questioner”
  • The 7-9 minute “perfect” sales call
  • Why you must have a “magic question”
  • The five things you must know… forever (Business Card)
  • What is the “Reverse Joey” and why to you have to use it all the time
  • Snow White & the 7 Objections
  • The 4-1 ratio of prospects to sales
  • Setting goals and Territory Management, & Time Management (CRM)
  • Trial close and don’t worry about closing the customer
  • The opposite of Referral Selling

Marvin Montgomery

The Sales Doctor

Are You Practicing on Your Customers?

This is a presentation that combines motivation with substance, ideal for a keynote speech or in a general session or seminar setting. The benefit of preparation and practice and not practicing on your customers will be strongly emphasized in three specific areas. Everyone who attends this dynamic presentation will learn the following.
  1. Becoming A Trusted Advisor
  2. Needs Analysis
  3. Effective Active Listening Techniques
Learning Objectives
  • Learn how to professionally engage Suspects and existing Client Relationships so you become a Trusted Advisor.
  • Learn the questions that should be asked at the initial meeting.
  • Learn how to control your spare thinking time and become an Active Listener.
  • Learn how Preparation & Practice Provides Peak Performance
Now You Can Get Marvinized Everyday Online!


www.MarvinMontgomery.com or 216-509-0281

Mike Jones

Sandler Training

Death of a Salesman

Like the play and movie states so well, common people go nowhere In today’s business world, salespeople and sales cultures must act uncommon, think uncommon, “be” uncommon to rise above the competition. Mike will share the BAT tools he and his team live every day and drives his clients to abolish average and proactively instigate opportunities for success.

Participants will learn:
  • How their Behavior, Attitude and Technique are either the hinderance or help in their sales success.
  • The difference between these key components of success.
  • How to create predictability in their results.
  • How to identify unproductive behavior and change it to generate speed to revenue
  • Why the techniques they use play a small part in their overall success


SME Cleveland members $80, Nonmembers $130


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