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Marvin Montgomery who is an Author, Professional Sales Trainer & Coach and 30 years of experience will share;

1. The Two Rules of Customer Engagement that will reduce any fears of high pressure and immediately show the customer that you care.

2. The five Benefits that are gained by using this approach to reinforce the value of not information dumping.

3. The importance of actively listening and asking questions so you become a solution provider.


Provide the participants with the fundamental skills needed to:

  • Become A Trusted Advisor and not the stereotypical salesperson
  • Learn the art of asking questions and actively listening
  • Develop Long Term Customer Relationships that will repeat, refer and request you.
  • Increase your Close Rate
  • Learn the difference between a suspect and prospect

You only have seconds to begin reversing the negative stigma that a potential customer has about you which means the initial approach that you use is crucial.

Remember that people buy from people who they Know, Like and Trust.

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